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The US edition of 'FRANCO'S INTERNATIONAL BRIGADES: ADVENTURERS, FASCISTS, AND CHRISTIAN CRUSADERS IN THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR' ( or, the first book from CHRISTOPHER OTHEN, has moved publishers from Columbia University to Oxford University. Wacky hijinks will no doubt ensue.

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Wacky Hijinks in Publishing

From Columbia to Oxford with 'Franco's International Brigades'

General Franco's International Brigades on the Shelf The US edition of my first book 'Franco's International Brigades: Adventurers, Fascists, and Christian Crusaders in the Spanish Civil War' ( or, is now being published by the American arm of Oxford University Press.

My UK publishers Hurst & co have moved their Columbia University arrangements to the OUP. The book seems to have been briefly available under the Columbia imprint but I never saw a copy (hint, hint) so can't confirm that. But from now on my American readers will get the OUP-US version.

Don't be put off by the academic halo. It's an accessible, vivid book aimed equally at general readers, students, and researchers interested in this unusual aspect of the Spanish Civil War.

"Informed, highly readable and packed with fascinating details, 'Franco's International Brigades' is a key book for understanding the international dimensions of the Spanish Civil War - it wasn't all about romantic young men fighting for the Republic," said Jason Webster, author of '¡Guerra!: Living in the Shadows of the Spanish Civil War'. "Recommended both for newcomers to the subject and for those wishing to extend their knowledge of this most fascinating of periods in recent history."

And he should know.

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